For immediate releaseMontreal, February 20, 2018

Bonsound is proud to welcome Les Louanges to our management, label and booking rosters. Les Louanges consists of Vincent Roberge... and that is it! He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays a little bit of everything in the recording studio and who surrounds himself with other musicians on stage. Les Louanges launched his first EP, Le Mercure, on his Bandcamp page in 2016. He added an extra track, Encéphaline (which won a SOCAN Songwriting Prize), then formally released the EP the following year. Finalist at the 2017 Francouvertes and the 2015 Festival International de la Chanson de Granby, the Montreal-based Lévis-native made a splash thanks to his EP’s jazzy, slacker-rock vibe - soothing and rallying, according to VOIR’s Catherine Genest - and the unique timbre of his voice.

Today, Les Louanges unveils Pitou, a new, light funk-ish single halfway between Le Mercure and his debut album, to be released this autumn via Bonsound. He collaborated with Félix Petit (Bellflower), who co-produced the track, and William Côté on the drums. Vincent did all the rest, the instrumentation and the vocals. The young producer is ready to embark on a new path by exploring more chillwave, R&B and hip-hop sounds. Inspired by artists like Toro y Moi and Washed Out as well as the work of Steve Lacy and Frank Ocean, Les Louanges promises to fully explore this new direction in his upcoming songs.

The music video for Pitou was shot before the song was even recorded. Director Anthony Coveney created a Montreal version of a twisted Truman Show (the movie) by emphasizing the stalker and playful side of the lyrics.

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The song is available on all digital platforms.