For immediate releaseMontreal, April 10, 2018

Bonsound team is very proud to welcome artist Mélissa Laveaux to our label and booking rosters in Canada. Hailing from Haïti and currently living in Paris, Mélissa is a Montreal-born singer-songwriter who incorporates folk, blues, indie-pop and Creole influences into her music. Her soulful, vibrant vocals are the central thread of her art whose very essence is marked by her Haitian cultural heritage. Today, she releases her new album Radyo Siwèl digitally via Bonsound and unveils the music video for Angeli-ko. This is her third album and her first entirely composed of folkloric repertory and original songs in Creole.

Watch and share the music video for Angeli-ko via YouTube. Her album Radyo siwèl is available now on all digital platforms.

This new album was created from rich tones and multiple musical influences. I always try to do something different on every album. I’ve always listened to hip-hop, I grew up with it. Rap, Brazilian music, trip-hop, and electronic music , she told Le Devoir.

Melissa Laveaux will perform in Montreal shortly. For all her tour dates, visit her artist page.

About Mélissa Laveaux:
April 2016 - singer, songwriter and guitarist MélissaLaveaux heads to Haiti in search of her roots, on a mission to honour her ancestors. Two decades have passed since she last set foot on the island as a 12-year-old. She feels like a stranger and yet, at the same time, she experiences the thrill of an exile returning home; Haiti is an intrinsic part of her identity. Born in Canada to Haitian parents, she’s armed with a patchwork vocabulary of Creole learned from the metaphor-laden expressions and vibrant catch-phrases her mother spoke to her aunts over long-distance phone calls. She doesn’t know what will emerge musically from her pilgrimage. But as she dives in and discovers the folk songs that bred and nourished Haitians artists for generations, she is seduced by the depth and opulence of her extraordinary heritage.

Upcoming shows
06/28/18 Chicago, US // Millennium Park
07/01/18 NYC,US // SummerStage TBC
07/05/18 NYC, US // Lincoln Center