For immediate releaseMontreal, May 03, 2018

Two years after releasing his successful album Le fantastique des astres, Yann Perreau returns with an unexpected EP, Voyager léger. The mini-album consists of four road-trip songs, recorded with his long-time band at Studio Chenapan.

Voyager léger is available now on all digital digital platforms.

Yann was truly inspired by his latest travels. The music provides a kind of relief from a tragic event last October. This project is an effort to find joy in everyday beauty and to push towards new experiences.

The opening song, full of California vibes, plays with The Doors’ psychedelic sound and Beck’s humour, and tells the story of a lonesome traveler who falls for a seductive Belle d’Hawaii. The second song, bright and shiny with a touch of rococo bongos and vocals, revolves around the Atlantic shore and two lovers on vacation who Go with the Flow. The third ballad brings us to a San Telmo (Argentina) bordello, where two tango dancers find each other in a Petite chambre à Buenos Aires. The journey ends with a cover of Voyage voyage as a duet with La Bronze. Back in the summer of 1987, young Perreau travelled to Germany to see his older sister. This Desireless hit was playing on every radio station and marked the imagination of the now-popular singer/globetrotter. This is what Yann Perreau shares this spring: four adventures in four songs.