For immediate releaseMontreal, April 03, 2019

Following last fall’s unveiling of the song But You, Everybody Is, Antony Carle returns with Save Face, the second single off The Moment, his debut EP due out May 17th via Bonsound. It’s an empowering song about survival, determination and unity. CRi’s slick production and the gripping vocal arrangements illustrate an urgent need to exist and matter while showcasing Antony Carle’s impressive vocal range. The title gets repeated multiple times at the end of the song, almost like a mantra, so the listeners know that, regardless of the challenges they face, better days are coming, explains the artist.

Watch and share the Save Face visual - directed by Jean-François Sauvé - via YouTube.
Save Face, which makes a compelling case for Carle as one of 2019's breakout stars (The 405), is out now on all music services.

From classical church singer to songwriter and queer pop artist, Antony Carle is a talent who leaves nobody indifferent. On The Moment, he delivers seven tracks inspired by nightclubs, faded love affairs, social injustice, and personal (and universal) experiences. The EP reflects the artist’s path towards success, as well as the boldness and pride that comes with being a young, queer individual in the city. It screams authenticity, individuality, identity, recognition, and an inherent desire to “make it”. Brilliant producers Ouri, CRi and Victor Bongiovanni all assisted with this project. Antony Carle is an exciting new talent who puts on a show from whom nobody can walk away.

The Moment EP (vinyl / digital) is available for pre-order now.
Don’t miss the Montreal launch show at Diving Bell on Thursday, May 23rd.

About Antony Carle
Antony Carle started singing at the age of three and was fascinated by his family’s album collection, particularly the ones featuring powerful voices and strong female artists. He perfected his singing in school and performed in church, where the elderly defined his talent as "the voice of an angel". It was during his teenage years that he taught himself to play the piano and wrote his first songs. He then decided to stop musical training to focus on songwriting and developing his own sound. Later, in Montreal, Antony Carle met David Pimentel, aka Pomo, with whom he started the band Nouvel Âge. This project allowed him to perform in the city and enhance his songwriting skills before debuting a solo career. Since then, he has rubbed shoulders with many local acts and fellow visionaries including Ouri, who produced 3 tracks on his debut EP The Moment, set to be released on May 17th, 2019 via Bonsound.