For immediate releaseMontreal, August 13, 2019

In collaboration with Bien à vous and The Womanhood Project, Safia Nolin presents the video for her song Lesbian Break-up Song (feat. La Force), off her latest album Dans le noir. Head over to to watch and share the video.

To expand upon their artistic approach and their experience making this project, we turn it over to the creative team.

Message from Safia Nolin

Hi everyone, this is Safia. And yes, I am fully naked in my video. You see my breasts, my butt, my pubic area, my hair. You see other womxn’s breasts, butts, pubic areas and hair. You see human bodies. These bodies are not here to be judged or desired. These bodies are here to simply exist.

I didn’t like mine. I was comfortable with my image, but only the woman who shares my life had access to my nakedness in our intimacy. Not because it’s sacred, but because I was ashamed. I was embarrassed and it was impossible for me to just imagine getting naked in front of others.

When it came time to shoot the video, I was confronted by my fear and my desire to go towards that from which I usually flee, to dive in head first. I did it, and I had the chance to be surrounded by an amazing team who guided me throughout the process. All of the womxn on set really emboldened me to be myself. By the second day of shooting, something inside of me had changed.

When you watch this video, I’d like you to view it as what sorority looks like to me. I’d like you to watch it with a human, non-judgmental eye. Don’t let your programming win; look at our bodies and try to consider them as neutral, whose function is only to exist. Breathe, eat, cry, pee, give birth (OR DON’T), breastfeed (OR DON’T), smile, laugh, love. Find beauty in there because there’s a shit ton, I swear.

This video shoot was a blessing for my path, my self-esteem and my future. I will remember every minute of it for the rest of my life. Here’s a breath of fresh air for you. x

Message from Bien à vous (video directors)

This project’s mandate corresponds exactly to BAV’s unofficial mission. At the beginning, we approached video-making as a challenge, and with a bit of anger at this nearly-exclusively-male industry. We began directing as a protest, because we were tired of the majority of music videos made in Quebec (and elsewhere) being directed by men. We quickly became completely devoted to and passionate about this job. Safia’s idea to have an entirely female-identifying crew, from the techs to the extras, including pre- and post-production, anchored our desire to infuse a female point of view into this world. Adding to this work environment is the project itself, with the purpose of enhancing the body in all of its beauty and strangeness. This made the experience incredibly glorious and powerful.

Message from The Womanhood Project (project consultants / photographers)

The collaboration between Safia and The Womanhood Project was easy and natural. Our project’s essence is very in tune with Safia’s vision for this video, as well as her overall artistic approach. She exudes a tranquil force and vulnerability that make you want to open up. With this project, we want to give a voice to all these womxn in the most intimate way possible. Our goal is to compensate for the flagrant homogenous aesthetic of our culture by showing diverse and authentic images accompanied by unique and powerful stories.

The two-day video shoot with the Bien à vous team created a safe space for all the participants. We wanted this space to reflect the project’s spirit. The result definitely surpassed our expectations, as well as those of the crew and the participants. Here’s hoping that the shoot’s magic will be felt through the screen by everyone who watches the video and listens to Safia’s lyrics.

Safia Nolin’s Tour Dates
14/08/19 Montreal, QC // Festival Fierté Montréal
13/09/19 Sainte-Geneviève-de-Batiscan, QC // Salle Denis-Dupont
27/09/19 Saint-Hyacinthe, QC // Espace RONA du Centre des arts Juliette-Lassonde
28/09/19 Saint-Bruno, QC // Centre Marcel Dulude
02/10/19 Rimouski, QC // Salle Desjardins-Telus
03/10/19 Moncton, NB // Théâtre Capitol
04/10/19 Caraquet, NB // Centre Culturel de Caraquet
05/10/19 New Richmond, QC // Salle de spectacles régionale Desjardins
06/10/19 Gaspé, QC // Salle de spectacles de Gaspé
08/10/19 Baie-Comeau, QC // Centre des arts de Baie-Comeau
10/10/19 Drummondville, QC // Maison des arts Desjardins
18/10/19 Ottawa, ON // The 27 Club
19/10/19 Toronto, ON // Monarch Tavern
07/11/19 Lyon, FR // A Thou Bout d'Chant
18/01/20 Longueuil, QC // Théâtre de la Ville