For immediate releaseMontreal, December 04, 2019

One year after the release of his double single Heavy Focus, Christian Sean returns with Art Therapy, another two-track mini EP. Art Therapy features Alabama, a lush, synthy track that builds to a beat-driven singalong, and Horses, a timeless, less-than-two-minutes acoustic number.

Alabama and Horses are available on all music services.
A live session of Alabama and 2018’s Suez can be viewed on YouTube.

The two singles were written and composed by Christian, recorded at Greenroom Studios in Montreal and mixed by Francis Major. They showcase the artist’s unique knack for melodies, his impressive vocal range and brilliant instrumentation. Alabama tells the story of someone about to leave the love of their life because they can’t accept them for who they are. This song is deeply personal, Christian explains. Putting it to tape was a very cathartic experience, and I truly hope that energy permeates the recording. Horses was inspired by a passage about success from the ancient Chinese book the Tao Te Ching. It reminded me that there is a natural justice for those who strive for success with impure motives. Making art can seem like a noble thing to do with one’s life, but it can quickly become a source of deep sorrow if your love is lost in the process, he reveals.

Christian Sean is a Montreal-based artist born in Monthey, Switzerland, to parents who were in a world-travelling Christian sect. Music was an integral part of his family’s livelihood while they travelled the world, and his musical education began at a very early age. He learned the basics of guitar from his mother, and soon grew inspired to write his own songs, drawing from his growing obsession with indie rock’s rich canon of auteurs. At 15, he was gifted a Roland sampler and began fusing his songwriter’s instincts with electronic psychedelica (pioneered by artists like Panda Bear and Björk).

After playing in numerous bands on the Montreal underground circuit, Christian moved to Brazil with nothing but a backpack and a laptop, and veered further into his own unique blend of futuristic pop, or anthemic pop as described by Brooklyn Vegan. Upon returning to Montreal, he released his first single, Black For You, followed by his mini-EP Heavy Focus. He has since opened for artists such as Geoffroy, Milk & Bone and BEYRIES, and is now hard at work on his LP, to be released in 2020.