For immediate releaseMontreal, November 05, 2020

We are so excited to announce the signing of LUMIÈRE, the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Étienne Côté, to our label roster. Today LUMIÈRE releases LA.BELLE.JOURNÉE 1971, a catchy, feel-good track with rock‘n’roll guitar riffs and voluptuous harmonies, as the first single off his upcoming album, due out in 2021 via Bonsound.

The song is accompanied by a music video that appears to be simple, but is full of symbols and hidden meanings. Accompanied by Daphnée Brissette (aka Briquette) and Naomie de Lorimier (aka Cristale), Étienne Côté, who is LUMIÈRE, is electrifying on screen. Throughout the track, he reveals different facets of his alter ego; the musician, the painter, the hanged man. We wanted to make something minimalist with a strong aesthetic. Chickens, tarot imagery, a rigid color palette. But beyond those visual highlights, it is Étienne who carries the video on his shoulders with a solid performance, says director Alexandre Pelletier.

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Inspired by 70s rock, LA.BELLE.JOURNÉE 1971 introduces us to LUMIÈRE and gives us a glimpse into his ambitious upcoming musical epic, set in 1971. This song is the gateway to my solo project. It's the first song I wrote, the first song we recorded in the studio and the first song we mixed as well, explains the artist. More rock than before, I started strumming the guitar rather than finger-picking. I wanted simple lyrics. I wanted to sing louder, to play more steady. It was the first time I felt so free to go into that area with music.

LUMIÈRE is Étienne Côté’s latest project. In 2016, he unveiled a self-titled EP that experiments with 70’s folk music, choirs and Latin rhythms. The release was a prelude to his larger project, LUMIÈRE. His upcoming album is a free-flowing epic set in 1971 that follows three characters, Lumière (Étienne), Briquette (Daphné Brissette) and Cristale (Naomie de Lorimier), who seek affirmation and support through nourishing friendships and love. It is an immersive narrative and a musical panorama that casts a contemporary light on the rich heritage of the Chanson québécoise. Known for his role as a drummer/percussionist in the bands Canailles and Bon Enfant, Étienne Côté has also collaborated in various ways with Mon Doux Saigneur, Nicolet, Mathieu Bérubé, Laurence-Anne, N NAO, Chassepareil and Duu.