For immediate releaseMontreal, January 18, 2021

LUMIÈRE presents FREUD.EST.MORT, the second single off his debut album to be released later this year on Bonsound. It is accompanied by a video directed by David Bourbonnais and inspired by the Dadaist art film Ballet Mécanique, in which the lyrics of the song are projected on a plexiglass screen through a cloud of smoke. This new single follows LA.BELLE.JOURNÉE 1971, a 70s rock infused song released last fall, which introduced the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Étienne Côté. A new recruit to the label, Bonsound is pleased to announce that LUMIÈRE has now joined their booking roster as well.

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FREUD.EST.MORT is undoubtedly the most experimental track off LUMIÈRE’s ambitious upcoming album, thanks to its 3/4 time signature and recto tono melody, making this one closer musically to the year 2001 than 1971. Written from the perspective of a character undergoing the process of self-reflection, the song explores the feeling of being chained to our projected image. After habitually molding himself to fit the expectations of others, LUMIÈRE has difficulty recognising his own reflection.

That song came out of the blue. For a long time, I'd been trying to write lyrics for a guitar riff I came up with, but it was never to my liking. One evening on my way home, feeling a little out of it after a “chilling" at the skatepark, I felt like provoking things, explains the artist. In a desire to let go of my stubbornness in order to transform this riff into a song of my own, there was a kind of detachment from the part of me that constantly judges whether it's good or not. Words just placed themselves upon the music and within 3 minutes the song existed.

With LA.BELLE.JOURNÉE 1971, his single released back in November, LUMIÈRE has already sparked some significant attention. In addition to being one of Amazon Music's best indie/folk alternative songs of 2020, the track has been added to Énergie’s rotation and made its debut on Québec’s Top 100 BSD radio charts.

LUMIÈRE is Étienne Côté’s latest project. In 2016, he unveiled a self-titled EP that experiments with 70’s folk music, choirs and Latin rhythms. The release was a prelude to his larger project, LUMIÈRE. His upcoming album is a free-flowing epic set in 1971 that follows three characters, Lumière (Étienne), Briquette (Daphné Brissette) and Cristale (Naomie de Lorimier), who seek affirmation and support through nourishing friendships and love. It is an immersive narrative and a musical panorama that casts a contemporary light on the rich heritage of the Chanson québécoise. Known for his role as a drummer/percussionist in the bands Canailles and Bon Enfant, Étienne Côté has also collaborated in various ways with Mon Doux Saigneur, Nicolet, Mathieu Bérubé, Laurence-Anne, N NAO, Chassepareil and Duu.