For immediate releaseMontreal, February 02, 2021

Today, Laurence-Anne unveils Indigo, the first single off her sophomore album, due out later this year via Bonsound. This song follows the release of her EP and short film Accident in August 2020, and her debut album Première apparition (2019). The single’s visuals take shape in the video under the creativity of Matthew Rankin, to whom we owe the film The Twentieth Century.

Shot on 16mm film, the music video for Indigo features Laurence-Anne as a ghostly entity who appears and disappears through thick smoke. Textured, intense, shiny and chaotic, the video creates the sensation of being caught up in an electrical storm, and Laurence-Anne is the vortex. She’s the air, the electricity, she travels across the universe.

Neptune is the farthest known planet in the Solar System. It is mainly composed of hydrogen and helium, says Rankin of his mysterious concept. Its chemical species swirl at such a high atmospheric pressure that they form a veritable shower of diamonds and rubies around the planetary heart. In 1977, a space probe may have detected ectoplasmic signals there, though they have now disappeared.

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Through her poetic lyrics, the Montreal artist draws a purplish-blue outline of a secret relationship that becomes unbearable. She whispers lyrics that translate to "You told me your secret name / The night fell from the sky / We didn’t believe in the morning / Nor in waking up" over a catchy, sharp rhythm and a muffled groove.

It refers to relationships from the past, to disappointments, to nostalgia, confesses Laurence-Anne, who wrote, composed and arranged the song during a creative retreat in Marsoui, in the Gaspésie region. When we recorded the album, it was the song that got everyone to get the most emotional. Some even shed a few tears in the studio when we listened to it.

About Laurence-Anne
Laurence-Anne is a self-taught singer and guitarist who was a teenager when she wrote her first songs. The young woman was inspired by Feist and at first was really drawn towards the minimalist indie folk sound. Once she arrived in Montreal, she started leaning towards a more rock sound. The young woman traded her acoustic instrument for an electric one, and in 2017 landed herself in the Francouvertes finals. Two years later, her first album Première apparition was named on the long list of the prestigious Polaris Prize, and reached the top of CISM’s year-end best-of chart for French albums. The new darling of critics and college radios performed at all of Quebec’s big festivals (Noce, FME, Frimat, FEQ, Festif) and even tested the waters in France (MaMA, Aurores Montréal) before returning home to record Accident, an EP with a touch of punk, indie-pop and tropical vibes. This astonishing, fertile sound exploration has led her to her second full-length album.