For immediate releaseMontreal, March 02, 2021

Laurence-Anne presents Nyx, a new song from Musivision, her second album due out on April 23rd via Bonsound. The track’s piercing bass, bombastic synth line and vivid rhythmic élan spread a powerful warmth that breaks away from the subdued, melancholic atmosphere of Indigo, released a few weeks ago. Together, the two songs embody the emotional and musical duality that prevails on this sophomore album, now available for pre-order.

The inspiration behind the playful visual that accompanies Nyx came from the red costume Laurence-Anne wears in a photo that appears on the album jacket. Joey Desjardins, who directed the music video and animations, explains that to create the character we see in action in the video, he wondered who could wear such a costume and what function a person dressed this way could occupy. I figured it would look good on a kind of alien worker cloistered in a small room in the middle of space, in a strange galaxy. The clip depicts his shift at the control center of the Labyrinth.

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With Nyx, Laurence-Anne creates a surprising rift in her young career. The funky, disco-inspired second single was written by Laurence-Anne while she was on a creative retreat in Marsoui, Gaspésie, before being completely revamped with the help of her musicians. I'd written a pretty soft version of the song, and then when it came time to record it, we went somewhere else entirely. The previous evening, we had spent the night dancing to the music of Munich Machine. We became fans after just one listen, she says of Italo disco pioneer Giorgio Moroder's obscure project. In the morning it was obvious to everyone that we wanted to make a four-on-the-floor song, and that's the one we picked.

Musivision, Laurence-Anne’s sophomore album, was recorded at studio B-12 in Valcourt, taking shape alongside her loyal musicians Naomie De Lorimier, David Marchand and Ariel Comtois. Co-produced by Félix Petit (Bellflower, Les Louanges), Musivision also benefits from the contribution of guitarist Julian Perreault (Corridor), star drummer Samuel Joly (Klaus, Marie-Pierre Arthur) and producer Jesse Mac Cormack.

About Laurence-Anne
Laurence-Anne is a self-taught singer and guitarist who was a teenager when she wrote her first songs. The young woman was inspired by Feist and at first was really drawn towards the minimalist indie folk sound. Once she arrived in Montreal, she started leaning towards a more rock sound. The young woman traded her acoustic instrument for an electric one, and in 2017 landed herself in the Francouvertes finals. Two years later, her first album Première apparition was named on the long list of the prestigious Polaris Prize, and reached the top of CISM’s year-end best-of chart for French albums. The new darling of critics and college radios performed at all of Quebec’s big festivals (Noce, FME, Frimat, FEQ, Festif) and even tested the waters in France (MaMA, Aurores Montréal) before returning home to record Accident, an EP with a touch of punk, indie-pop and tropical vibes. This astonishing, fertile sound exploration has led her to her second full-length album Musivision, due out on April 23rd via Bonsound.