For immediate releaseMontreal, April 28, 2021

Sophia Bel returns with You’re Not Real You’re Just A Ghost - Ethereal Plane Mix, a second EP of remixes. This new release comes as a follow up to last month's explosive remixes for the track No More, and Princess of the Dead, Vol. II, her first offering via Bonsound. Unveiled in November 2020, the latter allowed the Montreal-based singer and producer to assert herself and explore an even wider range of styles and genres through a nostalgic lens. The EP reached the second position on the earshot! chart, which lists the most played albums on college radios in Canada.

This time around, her catchy ghosting anthem is reinterpreted by Casey MQ and TDJ (aka Ryan Playground) in a soaring way. In the aftermath of a lost fantasy, disillusionment brings great inspiration, offers Sophia Bel about the theme of her song. Within this process of healing, beautiful and colourful imagery comes into play. Magic can occur from our sufferings when channeled properly.

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For Casey MQ, music and memories are intertwined. His remix is light, airy even, and forces you to slow down. I’ve been thinking about the similarities between ghosts and memories recently and how we can be haunted by our past, explains the Toronto-based artist and producer. I really wanted to convey this in the remix, and illustrate how our memories can have a ghostly presence in a space or place.

In the same spirit, the remix proposed by TDJ (aka Ryan Playground) is just as dreamy, although a little more up-tempo. The Montreal-based DJ and producer says she was hooked from the very first time she heard the song. When I started to play around with it I pretty much got a spontaneous desire to switch it into an eurodance type of anthem, she recalls. While the clubs are still closed, it's a fun one to listen to in a car, windows down volume up.

The live performance of an acoustic version of You're Not Real You're Just A Ghost was also released earlier this week. Its video is available on Sophia Bel's YouTube channel.

About Sophia Bel
Born to a Quebecois father and a Dutch-American mother, Sophia Bel grew up intrigued by the mysterious sounds of trip-hop and drum ‘n’ bass in the era of Britney and Christina. Her black nail polish made her the target of bullies at her school in suburban Quebec City, earning her the nickname “Princess of the Dead.” Anointing her sophomore EP with these hurtful nicknames, she's reclaiming her identity. Not afraid to cover vastly different sonic territory with every release, Bel focuses on capturing the right feeling in that moment. Sophia Bel doesn't want the listener to ever get too comfortable with their surroundings. She plucks from a diverse array of musical styles to assemble her unique soundscape which mixes underground electronic music, skater punk, guitar folk, and even Québécois hippie music, tinting her otherwise modern perspective. In Sophia Bel’s world, clichés are ripe for deconstructing.