For immediate releaseMontreal, November 10, 2021

Sophia Bel is back with the single 2AM (And I Did It Again), available today via Bonsound. With this new track, the Montreal-based singer-songwriter and producer elevates her early 2000s emo pop by incorporating alternative influences reminiscent of 90s bands.

2AM (And I Did It Again) is available on all music services.

On 2AM (And I Did It Again), Sophia vocalizes her difficulty with expressing herself in real life, keeping it all in and delaying a storm of withheld emotions and questions. She conveys the paralyzing fear of being unable to speak your truth, which then leads to feeling ready to implode. When words are not spoken out loud, when questions are too scary to ask and feelings are withheld, there is no escaping - the storm is only delayed, explains Bel. 2AM (And I Did It Again) is an anthem for anyone who has ever written a letter with no destination address or a text too terrifying to send.

Along easygoing alt-rock soundscapes, she shares the solace obtained from songwriting, a discipline whose therapeutic effects helped her gain a better understanding of herself throughout the years. Staying true to her teenage pop roots, Sophia Bel vocalizes her fears and realizes that she uncovers her truth when she’s writing, describing that awakening on the song through contrasting bright and catchy pop lyrics. 2AM and I did it again / Broke my hand trying to say it with a pen / Putting up a fight no one heard at night / Sleeping in, she sings on the highly addictive chorus.

Shot with a small super 8 camera, the music video that accompanies the song follows Sophia Bel as she wanders around Central London, Windsor and the Birling Gap coast in the UK. The colorful and playful images mirror Sophia’s dynamic universe using impactful contrasts through drastically different styling and various locations. Showcasing multiple facets of her personality, Sophia goes on an adventure through the city hitting up iconic monuments and doing quintessential English things like enjoying Afternoon Tea, while the impressive coastal landscapes and white cliffs of Birling Gap add a cinematic feel to the video. It needed to be beautiful and funny and make us dream and travel. I was deeply inspired by family 8mm videos and art videos, explains director Léa Taillefer. In order for the viewer to be fully immersed in Sophia’s universe, she adds that it was important to forget as much as possible the camera, shooting mostly with a small super 8 camera helped me to have the freedom to improvise, steal shots here and there and be mobile without over shooting.

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Following the success of her Princess of the Dead, Vol. II EP, released in the fall of 2020, Sophia Bel continues her quest to self-discovery with this new material as she challenges herself to explore her fears and feelings with a multitude of musical styles and genres, through her now signature nostalgic lens. Written by Sophia in the winter of 2021 and co-produced with Tim Buron (Charlotte Cardin, Loud), 2AM (And I Did It Again) sets the stage, musically as much as thematically, for her much awaited debut full-length album due out in the spring of 2022 via Bonsound.

About Sophia Bel
Singer and producer Sophia Bel is a colourful princess of the dead who has always been present in the fringes of the music scene. She is fascinated by the connections between mega pop music and all its edges, an inspiration most notably apparent on her second EP Princess of the Dead, Vol.II. Fueled by influences taking roots in the 90s and even the early aughts (nostalgia moves fast!), the Montreal-based songwriter’s alt-pop took shape by combining elements of indie pop, dance, trip-hop, trance and skate punk. And, already, Sophia Bel is elsewhere: her new material blends teenage pop and emo with her post-punk and garage influence.