For immediate releaseMontreal, November 15, 2021

Claudia Bouvette presents Miss Blumenfeld, her second single via Bonsound. After spending more than a decade working in Quebec's cultural landscape, Claudia Bouvette kicked off her return to music earlier this fall by announcing she was joining the Montreal-based record label. Shortly after followed the release of BBZ, an ultra catchy electro-pop and funk-rock first track, which quickly took over pop playlists across multiple streaming platforms. Today, the singer continues her bloomling debut with Miss Blumenfeld, a dreamy, pop single about her state of indecision, as she constantly finds herself in the midst of all sorts of dilemmas, but tries to learn about herself through these heartbreaking situations.

Miss Blumenfeld is available on all music services.

Claudia's first song in French, Miss Blumenfeld, was written last winter in a cottage in Île d'Orléans. On the raw ballad, she describes a bittersweet heartbreak and reflects on a sense of guilt and regret for leaving someone out in the cold, as she tries to understand her indecisive nature. Entre les ombres, ma solitude me rappelle que j’avance sans toi, she sings of her solitude on the chorus.

Having composed the majority of the song with her midi keyboard, Claudia added a synth-bass line and invited Vincent Roberge (Les Louanges) to incorporate a guitar line. Upon her return to Montreal, she completed the track in the studio with her long-time collaborator Connor Seidel, as well as Max Bellavance (Chiiild, The Brooks), who joined them to give it a unique and organic tone.

Dainty flower petals drawn by the young artist glide across the screen in the delicate art track that accompanies the song.

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About Claudia Bouvette
Claudia Bouvette is an author, composer, and performer, who’s been active in the Quebec cultural landscape for 10 years. Her electro-pop style, which sometimes dabbles into trap and funk rock, allows her to navigate a complete and unique musical spectrum. Singing mainly in English, she sprinkles her repertoire with a few songs in French. Also an actress since her childhood, it’s in 2017 that Claudia returns to her initial passion: making music. She meets producer Connor Seidel with whom she develops an artistic partnership. Together, they challenge themselves to write 30 demos until the soundscape of her first EP is defined. A year and a half later, in 2019, the Cool It EP sees the light of day.

Today, Claudia brings a hybrid approach that combines elements of analog instrumentation (synthesizers, bass, electric guitar, drums) and refined digital production. Her pop songwriting is rooted in lived experiences expressed with authenticity, vulnerability and a desire for emancipation. She’s currently working on her first full-length album, due out in 2022, through which she’ll take us on a journey down the emotional rollercoasters of her relationships over the past few years.