For immediate releaseMontreal, February 02, 2022

Claudia Bouvette unveils the new single Douchebag, a mid-tempo, freeing, girl power type of bop that speaks of reconciliation with oneself following a painful relationship. This song follows the release of the bubbly pop track BBZ and the soft, mellow ballad Miss Blumenfeld, a French-language debut, earlier this fall. The singer-songwriter also announces that her first full-length album, The Paradise Club, will be released on May 20th 2022 via Bonsound. The album is available for pre-order on vinyl, CD and digitally now.

Co-written with Connor Seidel (Charlotte Cardin, Ralph) and Vincent Roberge (alias Les Louanges), Douchebag is intended to reflect the post-apocalyptic period when one finally manages to feel more detached, see clearly and regain awareness of one’s self-worth. This state of mind, which is partly bitter and partly sarcastic, becomes apparent in the chorus where Claudia sings loud and clear: “Baby look it’s on me, yeah it’s on me / Cuz I let you treat me like I was nothing more than your bitch / Now that I’m out of it, I get it you’re a sad boy / You’re just a sad boy”.

Douchebag is available on all music services.

This new track is accompanied by a beautiful music video directed by Soleil Denault, which premiered yesterday morning via ELLE Québec and Wonderland Magazine. It recounts the story of a person who finally breaks free from the feelings that prevent her from seeing clearly in her relationships and who regains her power in a burst of transformation and strength. Douchebag, which the director explains is a pure expression of healing and empowerment, comes to life through Claudia’s glowing newfound confidence, dressed in looks that inspire a strong, assertive femme fatale, which echoes the spirit of the song. Her performance is striking and different from anything the young artist has presented before, her emancipation shining through the screen.

Watch and share the video for Douchebag via YouTube.

About The Paradise Club
The Paradise Club is a showstopper, an album where outbursts are brilliantly paired with dance steps; where frank and raw language, skilfully shifting from English to French, sails on seminal rhythms. Claudia sings about her failed and fallen loves, the drama of devastating relationships and the emotional turmoil surrounding her life, but it is above all a moving work of reconstruction, where from distress we move towards emancipation. Co-written and co-produced by Claudia and Connor Seidel, The Paradise Club is the album of a young woman asserting herself. It is both intense and festive, introspective and playful, carried at arm's length by the exemplary verve of an artist in full possession of her means.

About Claudia Bouvette
Born in Bromont (QC), Claudia Bouvette now lives and works in Montreal. A singer-songwriter, she's always been passionate about music. After a stint in television, she returned to her first love in 2019 and released an initial EP featuring eight songs written and produced with Connor Seidel. She spent the following two years polishing her songwriting and musical production techniques. Her debut full-length album, The Paradise Club, will be released via Bonsound in May 2022.