For immediate releaseMontreal, April 21, 2022

Almost a year after the release of his debut album A.M.I.E.S.A.M.O.U.R, LUMIÈRE is back with a music video for the song POINT.DE.FUITE, a languid and orchestral track off the album. The release of the video marks the beginning of an eventful spring for LUMIÈRE. The singer-songwriter will be in France to open for Pierre Lapointe, and then will return to Montreal to present A.M.I.E.S.A.M.O.U.R, a colourful show that celebrates the first anniversary of his album at La Tulipe on May 28, 2022. He will also open for Pierre Lapointe at the Francos de Montréal at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier on June 12.

A.M.I.E.S.A.M.O.U.R is available on vinyl, CD and all music services.

The video for POINT.DE.FUITE features LUMIÈRE camped out in a diner after a night of excess, showcasing a surreal aesthetic that adds a psychedelic layer to the hypnotic groove, intoxicating guitars and poetry of the song. This track is bathed in reverb and heavy orchestration. When we did it in the studio, it was a great moment, says Étienne Côté (aka LUMIÈRE).

David Bourbonnais, director of the video, made sure that the concept of the album was represented visually. "Knowing that this video would be the last one representing the album, we decided to come full circle and bring back elements from the three previous videos. So there are a lot of little easter eggs throughout the video. All of this is set in a comical, unsettling drug trip full of surprises, just as Alex Pelletier, who came up with the video’s concept, intended.”

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Upon his return from France, LUMIÈRE will present A.M.I.E.S.A.M.O.U.R for the first time in a Montreal venue. In collaboration with director Solène Paré, the artist will celebrate the first anniversary of his concept album of the same name, released in May 2021 via Bonsound. The event will take place at La Tulipe on May 28, 2022 and tickets are on sale now. He promises “an evening of decay and rebirth to the glory of love and friendship" that will shed new light on the exuberant artistic universe of Étienne Côté (a.k.a. LUMIÈRE), his musicians, and the album's story. Other shows are also scheduled across Quebec this summer. See the list below for all the dates.

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About A.M.I.E.S.A.M.O.U.R
A.M.I.E.S.A.M.O.U.R, LUMIÈRE’s debut effort, takes shape as a free-flowing epic set in 1971, following the tradition of the concept album. In this sprawling theatrical adventure packed with choirs, strings and organs, we follow three characters - LUMIÈRE (Étienne Côté), BRIQUETTE (Daphné Brissette) and CRISTALE (Naomie de Lorimier) - who seek affirmation and support through nourishing friendships and love. From this universal and regenerative quest emerge fifteen sumptuous songs that echo the glorious 70s style of the chanson québécoise, as well as folk and rock music from the same era.

LUMIÈRE is Étienne Côté’s solo project. Along with BRIQUETTE (Daphnée Brissette) and CRISTALE (Naomie de Lorimier), LUMIÈRE presents A.M.I.E.S.A.M.O.U.R, an immersive narrative and a musical panorama that casts a contemporary light on the rich heritage of the chanson québécoise. Known for his role as a drummer/percussionist in the bands Canailles and Bon Enfant, Étienne Côté has also collaborated in various ways with Mon Doux Saigneur, Nicolet, Mathieu Bérubé, Laurence-Anne, N NAO, Chassepareil and Duu.

Tour dates
23/04/2022 Sherbrooke, QC - La Petite Boite Noire ○
07/05/2022 Nîmes, FR - Paloma ●
08/05/2022 Istres, FR - L’Usine ●
10/05/2022 Rouen, FR - Le 106 ●
11/05/2022 Nantes, FR - Stereolux ●
12/05/2022 Rennes, FR - Le MeM ●
13/05/2022 Cenon, FR - Rocher de Palmer ●
18/05/2022 Paris, FR - L’Olympia ●
25/05/2022 Gatineau, QC - Minotaure
28/05/2022 Montreal, QC - La Tulipe
12/06/2022 Montreal, QC - Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier - Francos de Montréal ●
30/06-02/07/2022 Chicoutimi, QC - La Noce
16/08/2022 La Malbaie, QC - Auberge de Jeunesse La Malbaie
18/08/2022 Rimouski, QC - Coop Paradis
19/08/2022 Mont-Louis, QC - La Pointe Sec
20/08/2022 L’Anse-au-Griffon, QC - Centre Culturel le Griffon

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