For immediate releaseMontreal, May 12, 2022

Jonathan Personne, also known as the singer and guitarist of the Montreal post-punk band Corridor (Bonsound/Sub Pop), is back with Un homme sans visage, a new single inspired by the late 60s. The artist unveils this new song in the wake of his recent signing to Bonsound.

Un homme sans visage is a sort of modern fable that tells the story of a man whose face has been burned. Produced with Emmanuel Éthier (Pierre Lapointe, Jimmy Hunt, Peter Peter, P'tit Belliveau), this new song recalls the golden age of rock music with its Mellotron melody, hints of lapsteel and choruses inspired by Velvet Underground's Femme Fatale. Jonathan Personne also shows a new stylistic evolution, replacing his usual complex arrangements by a simpler and more refined formula, which gives the song a light and catchy feel.

Un homme sans visage is available now on all music services.

Directed by Jonathan Personne himself, the music video for Un homme sans visage plays with shadows and light, amplifying contrasts and the image's grain to evoke his usual signature aesthetic. The final result captures the vintage touch and the new, more stripped-down sound of the Montreal artist.

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About Jonathan Personne
Jonathan Personne is the solo project of Jonathan Robert, singer and guitarist of the Montreal post-punk band Corridor (Bonsound/Sub Pop). His penchant for lo-fi soundscapes and complexifying simple elements to suit his style has led him into uncharted territory, at the crossroads of dream pop, psychedelic rock and krautrock. The singer and multi-instrumentalist made a name for himself as a solo artist with the albums Histoire naturelle (2019) and Disparitions (2020), both of which received praise from La Presse, NPR, Exclaim! and many others. Jonathan Personne now ventures into a new minimalistic realm, ready to outdo himself once again with this new single.