For immediate releaseMontreal, June 22, 2022

Today, Franky Fade unveils the music video for Métal, the opening track from CONTRADICTIONS, his first solo album released in the fall of 2021 via Bonsound. For the occasion, the rapper, singer, songwriter and musician is partnering with the Jeunes en Tête foundation, an organization that seeks to prevent psychological distress among youth through its awareness programs, for a fundraiser.

CONTRADICTIONS is available on all music services.

With Métal, Franky Fade skillfully pairs a danceable beat with melancholic chords to create a catchy, emotionally charged song that presents an honest portrait of his psyche without giving too much away. Reflecting the captivating duality that lies at the heart of CONTRADICTIONS, Métal also showcases the versatile nature of Franky Fade, whose voice shines during the chorus. His poetry is further highlighted in the song's verses, while a soaring saxophone brings the song to an end.

Also known as the singer, rapper and lyricist of the group Original Gros Bonnet (O.G.B.), Franky Fade now makes his directorial debut with the music video for this song, which depicts a young man whose psychological state deteriorates as the storyline progresses. With this music video, Franky Fade mixes the beautiful and the hideous. I wanted to show that these two concepts are often intimately linked and even depend on each other, explains the artist. I also tried to make the viewer realize that there can be a very fine line between an armor and a sarcophagus.

Watch and share the music video for Métal via YouTube.

Because he wrote Métal to free himself from a paralyzing anxiety, Franky Fade wants to take advantage of this release to contribute to the cause and spark conversation about mental health. And so, the partnership with the Jeunes en Tête foundation was born. To top it all off, the canvas featured in the music video - painted by Franky himself - will also be auctioned off in the next few weeks to raise funds for the same foundation.

Watch the explanatory video for the fundraiser via Youtube.

CONTRADICTIONS is the first full-length album from rapper and singer-songwriter Franky Fade, known for his work with Original Gros Bonnet (O.G.B). Penning every lyric (besides Maky Lavender’s and SLM’s inputs on VVM), the 25 year-old musician establishes himself as an authentic and original presence with this project, on which he explores the multiple paradoxes in his life while trying to make sense of these opposing forces that seem to be trying to rip him apart. Working with his long time friend Sambé and with other collaborators (DoomX of Planet Giza, Pops & Poolboy, Miko, Louis René and Arnaud Castonguay), Franky produced four of the ten tracks by himself. Through alternative hip-hop soundscapes filled with guitars, synthesizers, percussions and modified vocals, the artist sometimes sways between an intense will to live and a jaded lethargy, other times between a fear of commitment and an unabashed love. That sensibility is refreshing to hear on Québec’s hip-hop scene and shakes up conventions which Franky Fade had already began testing with O.G.B, placing him at the forefront of a new generation of Québécois artists and making CONTRADICTIONS a very personal and universal album at the same time.