For immediate releaseMontreal, February 01, 2023

Singer-songwriter Philippe B makes his long-awaited return with Nouvelle administration, a melancholic folk song that takes us right back to his essence. This is his first new song since La grande nuit vidéo, which was released via Bonsound in 2017.

Nouvelle administration is available on all music services.

Carried by subtle yet powerful string arrangements and enchanting vocal harmonies, this new single evokes with modesty and sensitivity the events that have transformed the artist's life over the past six years, notably becoming a father and leaving Montreal. Nouvelle administration reveals that, despite those transformations, Philippe B remains deeply rooted in his habits - both personal and musical, just like the typical neighborhood restaurant that changes owners without necessarily changing its menu or décor. Through this song, he explores the universal and utopian quest for the so-called fresh start which, more often than not, ends up taking us down the same paths we were trying to escape.

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About Philippe B
Philippe B is one of Quebec’s most brilliant singer-songwriters. His precious and vibrant folk songs have been resonating on our music scene for over 15 years. The Abitibi-born singer-songwriter established the foundations of his repertoire on his first two albums, Philippe B (2005) and Taxidermie (2008), and then further honed in on his style on his third record, Variations fantômes, in 2011. Enriched by the work of famous classical music composers, which he sampled with finesse and ingenuity, his sound grew in density with an orchestral backdrop that is both complex and refined. Philippe B offered the logical continuation of Variations fantômes with Ornithologie, la nuit, a fourth album released in 2014, and then with La grande nuit vidéo three years later. All three releases were warmly welcomed by the critics and public alike, accumulating honors.