For immediate releaseMontreal, February 22, 2023

Having left his mark on the Montreal scene for several years, Félix Petit now unveils the song Babyfoot, a collaboration with Klô Pelgag recorded as part of his solo project, FELP. This is the first single off an album to be released later this year by the producer, beatmaker and multi-instrumentalist who skillfully blurs the lines between experimental hip-hop, indie pop, R&B and electro-jazz.

Known for having worked with some of the most brilliant Quebec artists of our time (Les Louanges, Hubert Lenoir, Safia Nolin), Félix Petit (a.k.a. FELP) appears here alongside another major player from the Quebec music scene: Klô Pelgag. With its cosmic jazz impulses and frenetic rhythm, Babyfoot offers a new playground for Klô Pelgag, who breaks out of her usual vocal repertoire to take on a more choppy and carefree flow, one that does not stray too far from rap.

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First and foremost, Babyfoot is a story about the friendship that links FELP and Klô; a friendship that developed on festival stages and in music venue backstages all over Quebec, but also in bars, where the action of the song is set. More precisely, the single is a tirade against arrogant foosball players who enjoy mocking women who dare to compete with them.

Klô is a terrific foosball (which translates to babyfoot in French) player, says Félix Petit. When there's a foosball table nearby, you can be sure that she'll pick the cockiest guy around and crush him! Sometimes she loses, but it's amazing to see how small these guys feel when she plays against them.

About FELP
If the Quebec music scene is currently going through such an exhilarating period, it is thanks to talented and versatile creators such as Félix Petit (aka FELP). Over the past few years, he worked closely with some of the most celebrated Quebec artists of our generation, as well as scoring soundtracks for television series and movies such as Les Fourchettes and Love & Lajoie. Simultaneously, the accomplished producer and musician is pursuing his solo project under the name FELP.

Born in 1990 in Besançon, France, Félix Petit moved to Montreal at the age of 18 to attend a jazz interpretation program at university. After founding the Dondepiano collective, he went on to showcase an audacious blend of hip-hop, jazz, soul and electronic music on the two self-produced EPs, Étendu jouer (2015) and Chocolop (2017).

Bringing together a number of talented collaborators, FELP's debut full-length album will be released later this year on Bonsound.