For immediate releaseMontreal, August 29, 2023

Montreal-based singers Claudia Bouvette and Sophia Bel unveil First Date (Version française), the French version of a collaborative track originally released in June via Bonsound. The two join forces to deliver a sassy, irresistible song that perfectly captures the carefree spirit of summer and the nostalgia that stems when days start getting shorter.

First Date (Version française) is available now on all music services.

Recorded at the Treehouse Collective studio with the talented Connor Seidel and Tim Buron, this wistful pop anthem skillfully combines Weezer's California vibes and Sheryl Crow's joyful angst. First Date is about the regret of not having spoken up earlier, and how commitment issues can end up hurting not only our relationships but ourselves. The result is an extremely catchy tune that skilfully conveys modern dating issues.

About Claudia Bouvette
Passionate about music since she was a child, Claudia Bouvette returned to her first love after a stint in television, releasing an EP that she co-wrote and co-produced with Connor Seidel in 2019. She spent the following two years polishing her songwriting and musical production techniques before releasing her first full-length album, The Paradise Club, in the spring of 2022. Since then, Claudia got the opportunity to perform her debut album at the FEQ, OSHEAGA, Pride Montreal’s SuXession show, and in several venues across Quebec and Ontario. More recently, she took on the role of the Gen Z team captain in the music variety television show Zénith while pursuing her musical career.

About Sophia Bel
A real 90s kid, Sophia Bel grew up listening to pop divas, while dreaming of one day becoming a shining music star like them. Figuring out music was her true calling when she was still a teenager, Sophia decided to take her career seriously and pursue her studies in music at Vanier College in Montréal, where she started an empowering path towards the artist she is today. Taking time to recenter on the kind of music she wanted to make, Sophia Bel found herself going back to her roots, heavily influenced by the pop music of the early 00s, emo-rock and pop-punk. This led to the release of Anxious Avoidant in May 2022, which received critical acclaim from several media outlets, including RANGE Magazine, Exclaim! and CJLO. A few months later, Sophia released a deluxe edition of the album featuring six previously unreleased songs, including collaborations with Ariane Moffatt and Makk Mikkael.