For immediate releaseMontreal, September 20, 2023

Today, Claudia Bouvette presents Cowgirl Radio, an ode to freedom and nature. Following First Date, a collaboration with Sophia Bel released in June, Cowgirl Radio is a warm, playful pop song about escaping the city and getting lost in the wilderness.

With Cowgirl Radio, Claudia invites us to embrace wide open spaces and surrender to the call of adventure. Living in concrete / Toughens me up, it suffocates / Have you ever smelt the beach or the seaside / I dare you come with me through the riptide. The lyrics paint vivid scenes of nature's beauty, adamantly rejecting any form of compromise and defying urban constraints. Created with longtime producer Connor Seidel at the Tree House Studio, nestled amid serene landscapes just north of Montreal, the song embodies a nostalgic pop sensibility, skillfully fusing bold drum machines and mesmerizing synth leads.

Cowgirl Radio is available now on all music services.
Watch and share the visualizer for Cowgirl Radio via YouTube.

Over the course of this past summer, Claudia performed across Quebec, including at some of the biggest festivals such as the FEQ and the International de montgolfières de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelie. The singer-songwriter has more shows scheduled for 2024, visit for more details.

About Claudia Bouvette
Passionate about music since she was a child, Claudia Bouvette returned to her first love after a stint in television, releasing an EP that she co-wrote and co-produced with Connor Seidel in 2019. She spent the following two years polishing her songwriting and musical production techniques before releasing her first full-length album, The Paradise Club, in the spring of 2022. Since then, Claudia presented the songs from her debut album at the FEQ, OSHEAGA, Pride Montreal’s SuXession show, and in several venues across Quebec and Ontario.