For immediate releaseMontreal, January 18, 2024

Six years after the release of his debut solo album, French Kiss, rapper and singer Joe Rocca (founding member of Dead Obies) returns with a double single that showcases two different sides of his artistry. Focus is a sensual, infectiously groovy synth funk track, while 21 Grammes highlights the artist's razor-sharp rapping skills and introspective pen game. 21 Grammes premiered yesterday on YouTube with a music video directed by Étienne Lacelle.

Focus / 21 Grammes is available on all music services.

One can almost feel the warm Pacific coastal breeze on Focus, an 80s-style funk track worthy of Shalamar and The Whispers. Rocca is backed here by Dr. Mad, funk beatmaker and co-founder of Voyage Funktastique, producer, multi-instrumentalist and hit machine Félix Petit and keyboardist Jean-Michel Frédéric. The latter also lends his voice to the song, as do Nadia ‘Hawa B’ Baldé and Judith Little.

Focus is complemented by 21 Grammes, which takes a completely different approach by displaying the rap style the artist has been mastering for over fifteen years. Its self-exploratory lyrics are carried by an atmospheric, almost nocturnal beat. This track was unveiled yesterday with a music video that shows Joe on his family’s land in Beauce, QC, illustrating both the personal themes and stylistic return to his roots that characterize the song.

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This double single gives us a taste of the musical and emotional versatility of Joe Rocca, who spent the last few years fine-tuning his craft by adding to his skillset and delving deeper into the conceptual and intimate nature of his lyrics.

About Joe Rocca
Joe Rocca is back and stronger than ever after taking some time to redefine his work and develop a well-rounded, introspective concept. Teaming up with producers and musicians Félix Petit (Les Louanges, Hubert Lenoir, etc.), Jean-Michel Frédéric (Dominique Fils-Aimé, Loud, KNLO, etc.) and Worry (Greg Beaudin, Yuki Dreams Again, etc.), the co-founder of Dead Obies emerges as a unique artist, bridging the gaps between pop, rap, funk, soul and R&B. With his first solo album French Kiss (2017) and extensive experience in the studio and on stage with Dead Obies under his belt, the young man, freshly into his thirties, demonstrates a rare musical maturity for his age. This shines through in the humility and authenticity of his lyrics, which deal with love, relationships and self-reflection.