For immediate releaseMontreal, June 06, 2024

Virginie B tackles the obsessive, dopamine-seeking nature of online relationships on Hyperboi. This new single follows the announcement of her nomination for the Prix Félix-Leclerc de la chanson 2024, which aims to encourage young artists to create music in French and to support the development of Quebec artists. As part of this award nomination, Virginie B will play a free concert at Studio TD during the Francos de Montréal on June 18th. The following day, she will also perform with La Traversée on the festival’s Spotify Stage.

Hyperboi is available on all music services.

On Hyperboi, Virginie B describes being hooked to a virtual conversation with an AI bot. The constant stimulation generated by this flirty back-and-forth is reflected in the song’s fast pace and infectious bassline, while quirky synthesizers and angular melodies mirror its hyper-digital subject matter. Hyperboi’s synth line was composed and performed on a Casio guitar synthesizer, explains co-producer and multi-instrumentalist Louis Jeay-Beaulieu. This forced us to step out of our comfort zone and get creative with the instrument’s limitations. The result is just as addictive as the new message notifications Virginie B is obsessed with.

Watch and share the Hyperboi video, directed by Rosalie Bordeleau, via YouTube.

Following the release of singles Madone and hana earlier this year, Virginie B earned praise from several media outlets, including Exclaim!, Le Journal de Montréal, ICI Musique, ICI Première, Qobuz Québec and Le Canal Auditif. In addition to her two shows at the Francos de Montréal, Virginie B will perform at Jardins Gamelin on Friday, June 7th. Check out the list below for more details.

About Virginie B
Virginie B's irresistible quirkiness is matched only by her boundless creativity. The singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist offers a unique reappropriation of hyperpop by incorporating touches of nu-jazz, funk and R&B, complemented with a refined conceptual approach inherited from art pop and a pronounced taste for maximalism and glamour. Accompanied by her talented collaborator and co-producer Louis Jeay-Beaulieu, she applies this distinctive and versatile combination of styles to the exploration of her psyche, femininity and relationship with technology and nature. The result is an outlet through which she expresses her desires and excesses without taking herself too seriously, reflecting her vulnerability and confidence.

INSULA, Virginie B's debut album, quickly attracted attention upon its independent release in 2022, garnering praise from ICI Première, Le Devoir, La Presse, Montreal Rocks! and PAN M 360. This recognition culminated in a nomination at GAMIQ 2022 for Pop Album of the Year. In 2024, Virginie B is working on new hyperpop songs that combine catchy melodies, stylistic experimentation and intricate textures with poetry that is at once introspective, profound and accessible.

Tour Dates
07/06/2024 - Montreal, QC - Jardins Gamelin
18/06/2024 - Montreal, QC - Studio TD (Francos de Montréal)
19/06/2024 - Montreal, QC - Spotify Stage (La Traversée - Francos de Montréal)